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+43 699 11 58 75 07


Bahnhofstrasse 5/4
5400 Hallein, Austria


2019   Honorable Mention   Monovision - Reportage  - The long Road

2019   1st   TIFA  Tokyo International Photography Award

Photographer of the Year

2019   1st   Best Book 2019  TIFA

2019   2st   Reportage - Hidden Heroes - Saltworker from Gujarat India TIFA

Trierenberg Super Circuit Gold Portrait  2017

PX3 Grand Prix France Winner 2017

Karl-Weiser-Award Austria 2016

FEP – European Photographer 2015

1st – Staatspreis Traumseher Category 'Advertisement' 2015

2nd – Traumseher Professional Photographer – Category 'Advertisement' 2015

1st – Traumseher Professional Photographer – Category 'Reportage' 2015

4 x Gold European Newspaper Award 2012 (PUR Magazin)

3 x Gold European Newspaper Award 2011 (PUR Magazin)

2nd – Traumseher Award 2010

2008    Award 1. Platz Photography

2008    Award 1. Platz Outdoor

2006    Award 3. Platz Werbekampagne

2006    Award 2. Platz Outdoor

2002    Award 2. Platz Webdesign

"S@lzburger of the Year" 2008

Worldwide Ambassador for Hasselblad 2006

Joachim Bergauer - visionary of photography


At just 20 years old, Joachim Bergauer entered the world of photography as a passionate sports photographer. This early passion laid the foundation for a remarkable career that has spanned multiple genres and continents.


After three years, driven by a deep interest in people and their stories, he turned to reportage and portrait photography. His lens became a window into the world, capturing the diversity of human experience.


The stage called and Bergauer answered. As a theater photographer in Salzburg, Austria, he found a new dimension in the art of image composition. His ability to capture the emotions and dynamics of the stage made him a sought-after photographer in the creative scene.


At the age of 29, Bergauer ventured into self-employment and founded his own studio, whose main focus quickly shifted to the world of advertising photography. His images told stories, moved people and captured the essence of brands.


Recognition followed in the form of over 100 international competition awards, including the prestigious State Prize and the title of Photographer of the Year in Japan. His distinctive style and creative approach made him a pioneer in the photography scene.


Joachim Bergauer also crossed literary boundaries and published books of haunting power. “Live in the Leprosy Village” and “Endstation Dhaka,” the latter released in October 2023, are not only visual masterpieces, but also tell moving stories that make the world think.


"Life in the Leprosy Village" was awarded five book prizes and became a bestseller, which underlines Bergauer's talent as a storyteller and photographer.


Joachim Bergauer remains a creative pioneer who uses his lens to capture the world in a unique way and makes us see the world through his eyes.

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